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Complete and print this form and mail to Dennis Sapp at 5 Oakbrook Road, Fletcher, NC  28732

phone - (828) 231-7442   email -

Please reserve the following for the 2023 Smoky Mountain Toy and Pedal Car Show and Sale:

I will require _________ indoor table(s) @ $85.00 each table

  • Tables are 8 feet long

  • Rooms are locked and secured from 6pm to 9am each day

  • Table covers are not provided  

I will require _________ 10' x 20' outdoor space(s) @ $75 each space

Please be considerate of all guests and vendors at all times. Do not park in the vendor lower lot at any 

time. Please respect other vendors' spaces or move your assigned space. Look after other vendors goods.

Name __________________________________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________ State ______________ Zip _____________________

Phone __________________________________________________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________________________________________________

We hope everyone has fun and does well with our show! Plan to attend our next show to be announced soon. Contact us with any questions or for more information on the Smoky Mountain Antique Toy & Pedal Car Show. 

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